Apple sued over iCloud limit and backup restrictions

Apple is being sued again, this time in a class action lawsuit in which the company is accused of high iCloud prices and limited iPhone backup capabilities, writes 9to5Mac.

“Apple device holders are given 5GB of free iCloud storage space, but as Apple’s iCloud revenues attest, most users find this insufficient for their storage needs and purchase a supplemental iCloud storage plan,” the lawsuit says.

According to the plaintiffs, this approach is unfair because iCloud is the only option to save a full backup of the device. The lawsuit also states that in this way the company restricts competition, as users must use only iCloud if they want to save data from the device.

“Apple’s restrictions eliminate that choice and, in doing so, effectively compel Apple device holders to use iCloud for cloud storage. Technically speaking, Apple imposes what economists refer to as a “requirements” tie. That is, if iPhone or iPad holders wish to use cloud storage for Restricted Files—and most do— iCloud is their only option for fulfilling that requirement. And for anyone requiring more than 5GB of storage, which is to say most Apple customers, they must pay for it,” the lawsuit says.