HP offers to rent a printer for $6.99 per month

HP has launched a new All-In subscription service that will allow users to rent a printer and print a certain number of pages on it, writes ArsTechnica.

The company is offering a $6.99 starter kit that includes an HP Envy 6020e printer and the ability to print 20 pages.

The most expensive offer to rent an OfficeJet Pro printer and print 700 pages will cost users $35.99 per month.

In addition to the printer itself, subscribers to the new service will also receive ink delivery and round-the-clock support. The company will also offer a next-day replacement printer if the problem is not resolved remotely.

The printers that subscribers will rent will require a permanent Internet connection. According to the company, this is necessary to track things like ink cartridge statuses, page counts, and “to prevent unauthorized use of your account.”

In addition, HP will track which devices users are printing from, file formats, and other data that the company may deem important for remote monitoring.