Playdead Studio, authors of Limbo and Inside tease their new game… again

Danish studio Playdead, the authors of stylish platformers Limbo and Inside, which have won a bunch of awards and player loyalty, teased their new game, which has no name yet. The problem is that they have been doing this… for 7 years.

The first information that the studio was starting to work on a new game appeared in January 2017, six months after Inside’s release. Later it became known that it was “a pretty lonely sci-fi game somewhere in a far corner of the universe” and that it would be Playdead’s first game in full 3D, as opposed to 2.5D in Limbo and Inside. Since then, the studio has been updating its social media about once a year and every few years publishing art from the new game, which has the same monochrome color scheme as previous Playdead projects. The art shows a snowy planet, a skinny figure in a spacesuit, and strange machinery.

The newly released art shows a large transporter, the same figure in a spacesuit, and a little more sun.

Playdead works very slowly; in the 18 years of its existence, the studio has created only two games. It took them 4 years to make Limbo and 6 years to make Inside. If we follow this logic, then a new sci-fi game should take 8 years. So, do we expect the release this year?