Ghost of Viyk – Ukrainian fantasy roguelike RPG as an allegory of the Russian-Ukrainian war

The Ukrainian studio trbkk presented its debut project called Ghost of Viyk. This is a dark roguelike RPG inspired by the events of the current Russian-Ukrainian war and Ukrainian folklore.

The game’s title is an easy-to-read anagram of Ghost of Kyiv: the enemies are orcs with Z swastikas on their helmets, and the main character is Birdie, a Ukrainian woman who came back to life after death to take revenge on the invaders.

“First, you have to die. Only then will you be able to free your homeland from evil in this gripping Ukrainian grimfolk roguelite action game. Fight. Die. Rise and rush into immersive real-time combat, to unravel the story of the haunting world of Viyk.

As for the gameplay, it seems that, as is customary in roguelikes, the heroine will have to die many times to improve her equipment and characteristics, try new builds, and so on. Of course, Ghost of Viyk has Ukrainian and English localizations, but no Russian one.

Ghost of Viyk doesn’t have a release date yet, but it has a Steam page, so add the game to your Wish List, which is also important.