Humane Ai Pin is an interesting addition, but not a complete replacement for a smartphone

At MWC 2024, Humane once again showed its AI device Ai Pin, which is expected to go on sale in spring, The Verge reports. The new product was “presented in public” during Paris Fashion Week, but then all the attention was focused more on its appearance than on its capabilities.

This time, Humane staff demonstrated what the device is capable of and, more importantly, what it is not.

During the presentation, the device simply turned off after a short message that it had overheated and needed to be cooled. A company employee said that this does not happen very often and that it was probably due to the constant use of the Ai Pin for demonstration purposes.

The idea behind the device is to allow users to interact less with their smartphone screen but still stay connected. Humane’s Ai Pin offers voice messages and calls, email processing, and translation.

Manufacturers note that Ai Pin capabilities will grow along with the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

However, such interaction requires more than the device itself: artificial intelligence is not integrated into Ai Pin, so it requires a stable Internet connection to the servers. In addition, there is a noticeable delay of several seconds before the request is fulfilled.

As you know, the subscription for the device will cost $24 per month. Besides, the cost of Ai Pin itself reaches $699. This, as well as the fact that the new product cannot fully replace a smartphone, may call into question the success of the project.

Earlier, we wrote in more detail about the capabilities of Ai Pin when the device’s characteristics became known.