Supermassive Games, developers of Until Dawn, to lay off 90 employees

Supermassive Games, the developers of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures, will lay off 90 out of more than 300 employees, writes Bloomberg.

150 employees were notified that they were at risk and that they could be fired in the near future. The studio is forced to make such an announcement in advance due to UK labor law.

Social media also made an official statement confirming the upcoming layoffs, but not the exact number of people to be fired.

The statement also said that after much deliberation, the studio was forced to announce a reorganization.

“We are all to aware of how unsettling and difficult this process is going to be for all our employees and will be working closely with all those involved to ensure the process is conducted as respectfully and compassionately as possible,” the statement says.

Supermassive Games is one of the many companies that have made layoffs in 2024. In just 2 months, more than 6000 people have been laid off in the gaming industry.