Snapdragon X Elite processor for Windows 11 catches up with Apple M3 in benchmarks

New ARM benchmark results for the Snapdragon X Elite processor for Windows 11 show that it almost catches up with the Apple M3 in terms of performance, reports Windows Latest.

The X Elite processor, which is designated as Qualcomm ZH-WXX in the tests, received 2574 points in single-core tests and 12562 in multi-core tests. These results are ahead of Apple’s Sillicon M1 and M2, but slightly behind the M3.

For comparison, the M1 produces 2334 in the single-core test and 8316 in the multi-core test. M2 – 2589 in single-core and 9742 in multi-core. M3 shows the highest scores with 3181 in single-core tests and 15620 in multi-core tests.

The tests on Geekbench mention the name Snapdragon X Elite – XE1800. Among other details, the test shows that the processor has 12 cores – one cluster with 8 cores and the second cluster with 4 cores.

The first devices with Qualcomm’s new ARM processors are due out in mid-2024.