Don’t let your children grow up to be programmers, – says NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

Artificial intelligence has reached such a level that it is no longer necessary to prioritize computer science and programming for the younger generation. This opinion was expressed by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, The Register reports.

During the recent World Summit in Dubai, he said that graduates of the past decade should have spent their student years gaining experience in fields such as science, manufacturing, or agriculture.

“You probably recall over the course of the last 10, 15 years almost everybody who sits on a stage like this would tell you it is vital that children learn computer science,” said NVIDIA CEO in the context of the future of AI. “Now it’s almost the opposite.”

According to Jensen Huang, the miracle of artificial intelligence is that it will turn everyone into a programmer.

“This is the reason why so many people [are] talking about artificial intelligence today because for the very first time you can imagine everybody in your company being a technologist,” he noted. “The technology divide has been completely closed.”

However, not everyone agrees with the NVIDIA CEO’s forecasts. For example, analyst Patrick Moorehead has heard the opinion that “XYZ will kill programming” for years. However, according to him, “we still don’t have enough programmers.”