HMD will release a Barbie-style folding phone and its Raspberry Pi analog

Human Mobile Devices (HMD), the manufacturer of Nokia phones, announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress its cooperation with the toy company Mattel, The Verge reports. As part of this collaboration, a Barbie-style folding push-button phone will be released.

HMD is positioning the new phone as an accessory focused on style, nostalgia, and “digital detox”. The company has not yet disclosed details such as price or even appearance, but it says that it plans to unveil the Barbie Flip Phone at MWC, so expect more news during this week.

In addition, the company also announced a new retro phone under the Nokia brand and a smartphone under the HMD brand. The company also shared plans to create a new development platform, which it calls HMD Fusion.

Essentially, HMD’s goal with Fusion is to provide the capabilities of a Raspberry Pi, but in a smartphone form factor with a built-in screen and battery. The software is based on Android with an unlocked bootloader. But these are just plans for now, so don’t expect Fusion anytime soon.