Fighting game Project L is called 2XKO and will be released in 2025

The fighting game with Leage of Legends characters codenamed Project L will now be called 2XKO. The game has received a trailer demonstrating the playstyle of the characters.

Although the trailer does not show it, the fighting game from Riot Games will be in the 2v2 genre. This means that at the selection stage, you will have to choose two characters, and the round will be considered complete only after defeating both opponents. Timely replacement of characters on the battlefield and combining their techniques is a characteristic feature of this subgenre, which has not previously gained popularity.

The game’s YouTube channel has also released a short video with comments from the project’s executive director, Tom Cannon. The video shows that the main audience of the game is considered to be experienced fighting game players.

The demo version of the game has already appeared at thematic events and tournaments. The developers say that they try to develop the game together with the community, listening to every feedback. 2XKO is set to appear at the largest fighting game tournament EVO 2024, which will take place in Japan this year.

According to Cannon, the developers may conduct a few closed tests, and you can submit an application to participate in the testing here.

The game is being prepared for release in 2025.