American student loses scholarship after using Grammarly

The New York Post reports that 21-year-old student Marley Stevens was stripped of her scholarship and placed on academic probation because the anti-plagiarism system detected traces of artificial intelligence in her paper. The student categorically denies this.

Marley Stevens is a student at the University of North Georgia, Dahlonega Campus, majoring in Human Services and Administration. She claims to have used only Grammarly, a browser add-on that corrects spelling and punctuation, to proofread a criminal law paper she submitted in October.

Grammarly is an online platform based in Ukraine and powered by artificial intelligence to help you communicate in English. Grammarly improves the quality of written communication by offering recommendations on the correctness, clarity, and tone of a message.

But the student automatically failed the assignment after the anti-plagiarism software noticed the use of artificial intelligence in her work, which led to the loss of her scholarship. After the disciplinary hearing, the student was placed on academic probation.

The anti-plagiarism software is installed on the system that college students use to submit papers.