IT industry in 2024: GlobalLogic talks about current trends

GlobalLogic has told us which areas of IT will be in greatest demand in 2024. The company explained that despite all the challenges, the IT sector remains a key one in the export of services and offers a promising career path.

“As of February 2024, GlobalLogic has more than 160 open positions in various projects. More than half of the positions (63%) involve remote collaboration,” the company says in a statement.

GlobalLogic’s most relevant areas include:

  • .NET – 22 open positions;
  • Java – 21;
  • DevOps – 17;
  • C++ – 16;
  • QA Automation – 14.

The company noted that the C++ stack has remained relevant for several years in a row: in 2023, specialists in this area were also among the top most sought-after. C++ skills are used in the development of software in the automotive industry, medicine, network devices, computer games, etc.

“To provide beginner developers with an opportunity to improve their knowledge, GlobalLogic is launching a new course GL BaseCamp C/C++ in Lviv. After completing the course, the best students will be able to join the company’s projects,” GlobalLogic added.

The company also drew attention to the fact that you can start your career in IT not only with technical specialties.
For example, the company is looking for Ukrainians who will travel long distances by car in Italy and Spain and thus help engineers in the digitalization of maps.