UK plans to transfer AI drones that can attack in swarms to Ukraine

The UK, along with its allies, plans to arm Ukraine with thousands of artificially intelligent drones. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing knowledgeable sources.

One of the features of such drones is that they will be able to swarm and attack Russian targets simultaneously. At the same time, operators will not have to control each individual drone.

“Western military planners developing the technology believe it could allow Ukraine to overwhelm certain Russian positions with the unmanned vehicles,” the publication writes.

According to the sources, the drones could be sent to Ukraine within a few months. However, these deadlines may be violated.

The interlocutors also added that although the new capabilities of drones will not replace the urgent need for shells, they can help to partially mitigate this shortage and create a new dynamic on the battlefield.

By the way, on February 17, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced that the Drone Coalition had officially started as part of the work of the Contact Group on Ukraine’s Defense. In addition to Latvia, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine, the Coalition has already been joined by Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, and the Netherlands.