Google’s new algorithm reveals more than 170 million fake reviews in a year

Last year, Google launched a new machine learning algorithm that detects fake reviews. Thanks to it, 170 million fake reviews were removed in 2023. That’s 45% more than in 2022, TechSpot writes.

Every day, Google receives 20 million pieces of business-related content on Google Maps and search results, such as ratings, photos, reviews, opening hours, videos, and more. It’s no news that some of this information is not true.

Google Maps Chief Software Engineer Dan Pritchett writes that the new algorithm is aimed at combating paid reviews and ratings. He draws attention to sudden spikes in reviews and to user reviews that leave many companies down in short periods of time.

The algorithm is designed to combat the problem of organizations offering and implementing “cheating” and unfair promotion. After identifying patterns such as business categories targeted by fraudsters, the algorithms are improved.

Google says it has detected more than five million attempts to fake reviews in just a few weeks, linked to just one specific case of fraud.