Online Palworld is falling rapidly: The game loses 1.5 million players, but this is normal

Palworld, which not so long ago boasted of 2 million simultaneous online players, now has 500 thousand, reports PC Gamer.

Palworld became an overnight sensation and became one of the most popular Steam games in the platform’s history. It instantly overtook such giants as Baldur’s Gate 3, Elden Ring, and Hogwarts Legacy to become the second most played game on Steam, behind only Counter-Strike. And considering that the game is not free-to-play, it is at the top of its category.

One of the game’s developers, Bucky, commented on the outflow of players on social media platform X.

“In May of 2023, I was convinced that Palworld could break the 50,000 player mark. Anything above that seemed unobtainable though, and I certainly never expected it to reach into the millions. It has taken years to get to this point, and Palworld only really begins from here. Everyone is working hard to fix the issues and prepare new content and Pals. Some of you may have had your fun over the last 3 weeks and found yourself putting the game down. That is fine,” he wrote.

The developer assures that such a decline in players is not a bad thing and that the number of players will increase as new content is added to the game.