Waymo updates software after two robocars collide with a pickup truck

Waymo is recalling its vehicle software after an accident in 2023. In this case, a “recall” means a software update, reports Engadget.

It is about a traffic accident involving two Waymo robotaxis that occurred in Phoenix. These cars “collided” with the same pickup truck in tow.

The incident occurred on December 11 last year. According to Waymo, the pickup was towed incorrectly. Apparently, the tow truck didn’t stop after the first incident, and a few minutes later, another Waymo vehicle collided with the pickup.

It is noteworthy that the company did not specify what exactly is meant by “collision”. But it did note that no one was injured in the accident. After the investigation, it turned out that Waymo’s software incorrectly predicted the future movements of the pickup truck.

The company has developed and approved a patch for its software to prevent similar incidents in the future. The update was rolled out on December 20.

As a reminder, a self-driving car Waymo was destroyed in San Francisco. The incident occurred in Chinatown on February 11.