NVIDIA has released Chat with RTX. What can a local chatbot do?

NVIDIA has released its own free chatbot – Chat with RTX for PCs with RTX 30 series and higher graphics cards for local generative AI.

Chat with RTX leverages rich-aided generation (RAG), NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM, and NVIDIA RTX acceleration to leverage the generative power of artificial intelligence on the local computer.

Users can quickly and easily connect local files on a PC as a dataset to a large open-source language model. The bot will support various file formats, including .txt, .pdf, .doc/.docx, and .xml.

In addition, chatbots can be used to process web pages. For example, a user can send a link to a YouTube channel or other website and ask contextual questions.

Since the chatbot runs locally on the PC, it provides answers faster without the need to run them through cloud services. This also increases the security of requests, as all information is processed locally on the computer.