LifesaverSIM – a game simulator for first aid and tactical medicine

Lviv-based game studio Thundermark is developing a mobile game simulator for first aid and tactical medicine LifesaverSIM, which is adapted to support and complement the existing training program of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

LifesaverSIM is being created by a team of Ukrainian video game developers, tactical medicine instructors and combat medics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The developers’ mission is to help reduce the loss of life and injuries among both our defenders and civilians.

Verification through Diia allows all citizens of Ukraine to get free access to the advanced features of LifesaverSIM, regardless of their geographical location.

Now, LifesaverSIM developers are offering everyone to take part in a closed testing of the application, which can be signed up for on the program’s website.
You can also help the project with a donation.