Paralives – a new generation of alternative The Sims

The developers of Paralives, inspired by The Sims life simulator, demonstrated the game’s expanded gameplay and announced the year of the project’s release in Early Access.

Paralives has been created by Canadian indie developer Alex Masse since 2019, first alone, now with a small team of like-minded people. The development is funded by Patreon.

In the demonstrated large fragment of the gameplay, you can see how your character gets a job, improves his talents, learns something new, makes friends, communicates and spends time with them, tidies up his apartment, and so on. Paralives will also give you the opportunity to build your own house in a free style.

Paralives is scheduled to be released in Steam Early Access with Steam Workshop support in 2025. The game already has a Stream page, so you can add it to your Wish List.