YouTube Premium and Music have reached 100 million subscribers

Google has announced that YouTube Premium and Music have garnered more than 100 million paid subscribers. The company clarified that this includes trial subscribers.

Since the launch of paid subscriptions and YouTube Music in 2015, the service has become available in more than 100 countries around the world.

In a blog post, the company said that over the past year, another 20 million users have signed up for the service. Lior Cohen, head of music, said that the company plans to expand the service to more countries in the future.

“The music industry is at a critical juncture. Together, we can harness technological innovation to drive unprecedented value for artists and fans, building on our momentum that contributed $6 billion to the music industry in 12 months. From leveraging AI to enhance creative imagination, to seamlessly bridging short-form and long-form content for maximum artist exposure, we can forge a future together where the music industry thrives,” wrote Lyor Cohen.