Microsoft’s report shows that the company’s gaming business is in full bloom

Microsoft has released its second quarter results for fiscal year 2024. The gaming business has become the third most profitable for the company, behind only Office 365 and cloud services, writes The Verge

Revenue from the gaming business grew by 49%. This is mainly due to Activision Blizzard, whose revenue was included in the quarterly report for the first time. In total, games brought the company $7.11 billion in revenue.

It is not known how much the revenue from XBOX increased, as the main application is Activsion Blizzard. However, the company also said that console sales grew by only 3%. It was also noted that Starfield helped Game Pass to grow, but no details were given.

Windows revenues are also on the rise. The company reports that after several bad quarters, Windows revenues are starting to grow again. At the same time, revenues from Surface devices continue to fall this quarter.

In the second quarter, there was a 9% drop, but CFO Amy Goode still noted that it was not as bad as expected. She also noted that the decline in device revenue will continue in the third quarter.