Google launches Art Selfie 2 feature that creates unusual selfies using AI

Google has introduced Art Selfie 2 with generative artificial intelligence. It allows you to take a selfie and choose one of the styles that AI will use to create a stylized image according to a certain scenario. This is stated in the company’s blog.

“Now, using the power of generative artificial intelligence, Art Selfie 2 once again gives you the opportunity to experience world art, history, and culture not only as a viewer but as a participant,” the blog post says.

Art Selfie 2 is an update to the feature that was introduced in 2018. It is based on a prototype from the Artist in Residence program. To use the feature, you need to download the Google Arts & Culture app for Android or iOS and find Art Selfie 2 on the Play tab.

“You can try yourself as an explorer conquering Mount Everest, a muse in Monet’s garden, or a brave knight in medieval armor. With more than 25 different styles (and more to come), Art Selfie 2 is your ticket to an exciting journey of creative exploration and learning,” the blog post says.

Along with the launch of Art Selfie 2, the company is also making the Art Remix editing option available in even more countries. It can be found on the Play tab on the website and in the Google Arts & Culture app.