Demon Lord Reincarnation Gaiden, a turn-based RPG from Ukrainian developers, is announced

The Ukrainian studio Graverobber Foundation announced a new game. This is a turn-based Dungeon Crawl called Demon Lord Reincarnation Gaiden.

This is a direct sequel to Demon Lord Reincarnation, which was released in July of 2013 and received mostly positive reviews (Steam rating 71/100). Both games are a kind of Legend of Grimrock with simpler graphics stylized as games of the 1990s. In the new project, the player will see new scenarios and be able to try out new character classes.

The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but there were about 9 months between the releases of the last Graverobber Foundation games, so Demon Lord Reincarnation Gaiden will definitely be released in 2024. The Ukrainian studio already has seven games, all of which belong to the dungeon crawl genre.

Most likely, Demon Lord Reincarnation Gaiden will not have a Ukrainian localization. Earlier, the developer explained why it does not make sense given the level of sales of its games.