Apple will allow to choose a different default browser in iOS 17.4 for users in the EU

In addition to the operation of third-party app stores, with the release of iOS 17.4, Apple is also making significant changes to the way browsers work on the iPhone for users in the European Union. This update will allow you to set your preferred browser as the default when you first launch Safari. In addition, browser developers will now be able to use their own engines other than WebKit in Safari.

Third-party browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Brave, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and DuckDuckGo have long been available in the App Store, but they use the same WebKit engine as Safari. That is, they are essentially add-ons with a different interface for Apple’s browser. However, with iOS 17.4, these apps will be able to use different engines, such as Chrome’s Blink.

The first time you open Safari in iOS 17.4 or later, your iPhone will display the default browser selection screen, which will offer a list of third-party apps.

Unfortunately, these changes apply only to iPhone users in the European Union. In the U.S. and other non-EU countries, Apple’s existing policies will continue to apply, which prohibit third-party apps from being installed as default browsers and from using proprietary engines.