Artificial intelligence won’t take away jobs from humans because their labor is cheaper – MIT

Artificial intelligence cannot currently replace most jobs in a way that is cost-effective. This conclusion was reached by experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), writes Bloomberg.

Experts conducted a study called Beyond AI Exposure. With this work, they sought to dispel fears about the replacement of humans by artificial intelligence in some industries.

As part of the study, experts modeled the economic attractiveness of automating various tasks in the United States. To do this, they focused on professions that use computer vision, such as teaching and real estate appraisal.

MIT found that only 23% of workers in such professions could be effectively replaced in dollar terms. In other cases, people did the job cheaper. This is because AI-powered visual recognition systems are expensive to install and operate.

During the analysis, the experts also modeled a hypothetical bakery. According to them, bakers visually check ingredients for quality control on a daily basis, which is only 6% of their duties. It turned out that the time and salary savings from the introduction of cameras and the AI system are still far from the cost of such technological modernization.

Recently, the International Monetary Fund said that artificial intelligence will affect nearly 40% of jobs worldwide, replacing some and complementing others.