ChatGPT and education: OpenAI chatbot will be used at an American university

Arizona State University (ASU) and OpenAI have announced a partnership to implement ChatGPT in the educational process, reports The Verge.

Using ChatGPT Enterprise, ASU wants to focus on three key areas. These include improving student success, creating new avenues for innovative research, and optimizing organizational processes.

“Our faculty and staff were already using ChatGPT, and after the launch of ChatGPT Enterprise, which for us addressed a lot of the security concerns we had, we believed it made sense to connect with OpenAI,” explained Kyle Bowen, ASU’s deputy chief information officer.

The university will start accepting applications from teachers and students for projects where ChatGPT can be used starting in February.

This is the first partnership between OpenAI and an educational institution. The company gradually began to establish cooperation with more public organizations. It has announced an agreement with the Pennsylvania state government to provide access to ChatGPT Enterprise to some government employees.

By the way, it was recently reported that OpenAI is finally opening a custom chatbot store GPT Store. The store will offer chatbots from users, offers, trends, and more.