The biggest global risks of 2024: extreme weather, AI-generated disinformation, cyberattacks, and more

Visualcapitalist has published an infographic that demonstrates the biggest global risks of 2024, according to world leaders. The infographic is based on the annual survey conducted by the World Economic Forum and the relevant report created on its basis.

The survey involved 1 490 leaders of countries and businesses who had to choose five risks that, in their opinion, could lead to global crises in 2024.

As you can see from the graph, the greatest concern of businessmen and government officials is the increase in the number of catastrophic weather events, which was mentioned by 66% of respondents. Disinformation and false information generated by AI is in second place at 53%. Given that 2024 is the year of global elections, during which 4 billion people in 60 countries will go to the polls, disinformation that can now be produced on an industrial scale is a real problem. The third point, polarization of society, is directly related to the second, and is of concern to 46% of world leaders. The fourth place is occupied by the increase in the cost of living – 42%. Fifth, with 39%, is cyberattacks.

Escalation or outbreaks of interstate armed conflicts is only at the 8th place out of 25%, attacks on critical infrastructure in 9th place with 19%, an accidental or deliberate nuclear incident is in 15th place with 12% of concerns. The last place in the Top 20 is occupied by the collapse of the tech bubble – 4%.

The opinions of global leaders are, of course, very interesting and demonstrate what they are going to pay the most attention to, at least at the level of election promises. But given the staggering blindness and indecision that world leaders have been demonstrating for years now about the main sponsors of global crises, the value of this survey is unfortunately not very high.