Togg T10F is presented – a new Turkish electric car

The CES exhibition continues to surprise not only with presentations of the latest gadgets, but also with new electric vehicles. This time, it’s the Togg electric sedan, and if you immediately thought of another little-known Chinese company, you were wrong, because it’s a Turkish company.

And this is not just another “startup with unclear prospects” or “concept for the future,” but something more real. Togg has already launched its own electric crossover, and now it is demonstrating the new Togg T10F sedan.

The design of the new Togg T10F is quite traditional and quite realistic, with the only unusual features being digital mirrors. The declared versions also have far from space characteristics, but this is what adds faith in the real launch of the Togg T10F electric car.

Thus, the base version of the Togg T10F sedan will have rear-wheel drive and a 160 kW (218 hp) electric motor, and the maximum version will offer all-wheel drive with two electric motors with a total capacity of 320 kW or 435 horsepower. There will also be two batteries to choose from: a standard 52.4 kWh battery (up to 350 km) or an extended 88.5 kWh battery (up to 600 km).

The cabin features a large 29-inch display that stretches across the entire front panel. The driver has his own 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster screen, and the center console has several switches and an 8-inch touchscreen. In addition, you can see a panoramic glass roof, a heated steering wheel (a first for Togg) and a 500-liter trunk are also promised.

Production of the Togg T10F electric car is scheduled to begin in 2025. Initially, sales will start in the local Turkish market, but Togg plans to export to European markets. So, I wonder if we will eventually see the Togg T10F electric car on the streets of Ukrainian cities?