Samsung provides more tools in Galaxy Watch for health prevention and launches new partnerships

Samsung has expanded its Privileged Health Software Development Kit (SDK) program to provide a wider range of Galaxy Watch tools for health prevention and to promote healthcare innovation.

The company has started a partnership with doctors, where they will be able to access patient data from their Galaxy Watch. Doctors will be able to check patient’s vital signs in real time, notify medical teams of any abnormalities, and provide medical staff with up-to-date data.

As part of this cooperation, Samsung will provide data from the Galaxy Watch to medical platforms such as Biofourmis for general health monitoring, Kencor Health, which predicts hyperkalemia in patients with chronic kidney disease, Medical AI for patients with heart disease, and Oova, a platform for women’s health and fertility.

Another partner of the company is XRHealth, a virtual clinic that provides remote physical and mental health therapy. The company also works with Healium, a video platform that transforms the heartbeats of Galaxy Watch users into engaging stories and colorful animations.

The company also aims to improve the sleep of its users by expanding its personalized sleep environment program. Now the company is adding smart mattresses to the mix, with the ability to automatically regulate temperature.

Samsung’s new partner, 3Boon1, is creating smart mattresses that use sensors and artificial intelligence to automatically adjust the temperature. When the user lies down, the mattress automatically detects what level of sleep they are at and adjusts the temperature accordingly.