Google’s Bard may get an advanced paid version and new features

X developer and insider Dylan Roussel shared details of possible Bard updates. Among them, there is a more powerful paid version.

Google’s chatbot may get a new paid version that will be more advanced and use the Gemini Ultra model.

For the first three months, the premium chatbot will be available to all users free of charge, after which it will require a Google One subscription.

Motoko, a tool for creating bots, may become another innovation, but there is not much information about it at the moment.

Earlier, a similar feature was presented by OpenAI. Although there are few details about competitors, the company immediately noted that the bots could be shared and their creators would even be paid.

Other possible innovations include Gallery, where users will be offered different themes and things to do with Bard.

Another potentially new feature could be Tasks, a tab with active chatbot tasks where you can track the progress of requests, such as image generation.

It is not yet known whether any of these features will appear in Bard in the near future, or if they will appear at all, as there have been no announcements from Google.