X Elon Musk returns headers to links posted by users

The X platform has started displaying titles to links posted by users again. The social media platform noticed the change this week, reports Bloomberg.

As you know, last October, the platform started removing headlines and text fragments from links in user posts. Elon Musk announced the changes back in the summer.

Experts have suggested that in this way, X will encourage people to add descriptions to posts on their own. And this can push them to a premium subscription, where a post can contain up to 25 thousand characters.

However, in reality, users began to act differently. They started looking for alternative ways to publish their posts. For example, people started creating images with titles and adding links separately. Later, Elon Musk announced that X would once again display titles to links.

By the way, according to the investment company Fidelity, the value of social network X decreased by 71.5% after it was purchased by Elon Musk in 2022.