Ukrainian studio Frogwares regains the rights to The Sinking City

After three years of legal proceedings, Ukrainian studio Frogwares has regained all rights to The Sinking City and is now the sole publisher of this horror detective game. The studio announced this on the game’s page, where it is now listed as both a developer and a publisher, and on social media.

As a reminder, The Sinking City appeared and disappeared from Steam several times due to a conflict between Frogwares and the French publisher Bigben Interactive/Nacon, which failed to fulfill its obligations to the developer and then actually stole the game. At the end of 2020, the French court sided with Nacon, but now, after considering the appeal, it has satisfied Frogwares’ claims.

Frogwares is currently the sole publisher of The Sinking City on all platforms, including Steam. Soon, the studio is going to release a new version of The Sinking City on Steam, which contains all the latest bug fixes and optimizations that were not present in the stolen version from Nacon.

Frogwares warns that due to a number of technical reasons, old saves will not be compatible with the new version of the game. When the game launches, players will have the option to continue playing the old version if they want to complete it. However, the old version will only be available until February 28, 2024, so you should complete the game before that date.

Frogwares also announced the release of the Merciful Madness expansion pack, which will be compatible only with the new version of The Sinking City. If players don’t want to replay the game from scratch, they can download prepared saves that will take them right to the beginning of the Merciful Madness quests.

We congratulate Frogwares on this victory and look forward to the release of the new version of The Sinking City and DLC Merciful Madness. Now we can sincerely recommend purchasing The Sinking City on Steam, especially since right now you can do so with a 90% discount for only 47 UAH. Let’s support Ukrainian, let’s play in Ukrainian!