AI refrigerator: Samsung’s new product will offer recipes based on the owner’s dietary needs

Samsung is preparing to introduce a four-door Flex smart refrigerator with the Family Hub+ AI system next year. It is planned to be presented at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas, writes The Verge.

The refrigerator will have several interesting AI-based features. For example, thanks to the camera, it will be able to recognize available products and offer recipes in a special app based on food stocks.

Users will also be able to display images from their Galaxy smartphones on the Family Hub’s 32-inch touchscreen display and watch videos on TikTok and YouTube.

The company introduced a similar model in 2023, but now it is adding new features. For example, the Samsung Food app via Family Hub will be able to connect to the Samsung Health profile and adapt recipes to the owner’s dietary needs.

The fridge will still have certain limitations. Its Vision AI function can identify 33 products so far, so don’t expect it to recognize anything too exotic.

Users will be able to manually enter expiration dates on the Family Hub touchscreen display, which will send notifications immediately before the expiration date of individual products.