Microsoft quietly launches Copilot app for Android, iOS version not yet available

Microsoft has launched the Copilot app for Android. The app has been available in the Google Play Store for about a week now, but the company has not made a corresponding announcement, writes The Verge.

Android users will now have access to Microsoft’s Copilot artificial intelligence without having to use the Bing app. The new app is similar to ChatGPT and offers many features.

For example, its users will be able to create images using DALL-E 3 and write emails and documents. They will also have free access to the latest OpenAI GPT-4 model, although ChatGPT users have to pay for it.

An iOS version of Copilot is not yet available. But we can assume that it is not far off.

Recently, Microsoft changed its strategy in the AI sphere, renaming Bing Chat to Copilot to better compete with ChatGPT. Originally launched as part of Bing, the AI interface was integrated directly into search results.

But less than a year later, Microsoft abandoned the Bing Chat brand in favor of Copilot, which was used in Bing, Microsoft Edge, and Windows 11.