India hopes artificial intelligence will help it improve weather forecasts

India is testing artificial intelligence to build climate models to improve weather forecasting, reports Reuters.

The country is taking such action as heavy rains, floods and droughts are spreading across its territory. The Center for Science and Environment, based in India, estimates that more extreme weather events have killed nearly 3 000 people this year.

Accurate weather forecasting is especially important for India. It is a country of 1.4 billion people and the world’s second largest producer of rice, wheat, and sugar.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) makes forecasts based on mathematical models using supercomputers. The use of AI can help create more accurate data at a lower cost.

Recently, it was reported that AI has surpassed traditional weather forecasting methods. It is a meteorological AI model created by Google DeepMind developers. It is called GraphCast and is capable of preparing a 10-day weather forecast in 1 minute.