Ukrainian engineers from GlobalLogic have developed software for a bionic prosthesis and received an award in London

Ukrainian engineers at GlobalLogic have developed software for bionic prostheses using artificial intelligence. This project won the Hitachi Inspiration of the Year Award in London, the company said.

“GlobalLogic engineers have developed a management system to control and customize the bionic prosthesis, as well as algorithms using machine learning. The team of engineers also created a web-based platform for patients to apply for prosthetics,” the statement said.

They explained that the development makes life easier for the patient both at the organizational level and at the level of mastering the use of a bionic prosthesis.

“The developers decided to donate the €6,000 reward to the Unbroken rehabilitation center for prosthetics for the military. According to various sources, at least 20,000 people in Ukraine need prosthetics,” the company added.

The bionic prosthesis is not a GlobalLogic development, but a project of our partners, Allbionic.

The Hitachi Inspiration Award aims to draw attention to the company’s core values of harmony, sincerity, and innovative spirit. The award recognizes projects of Hitachi Group companies in various fields. The mission of each project is to contribute to society through unique technologies and solutions of the highest quality.