Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will get offline mode after release

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League received a new cinematic trailer at The Game Awards with the subtitle “Heroes are gone”, but the most important announcement for the game was another one made by the developers on Discord – there will be an offline mode.

According to VGC, Rocksteady Studios has posted the following announcement on their official Discord channel:

“We’re happy to confirm we are planning to add an offline story mode that will give players the option to experience the main campaign without an internet connection. We’re planning to provide this update in 2024 and will provide more details when available.”

At release, the game will still require a constant online connection, which angered many players, as the expectations for Kill the Justice League were completely different. Rocksteady took these comments into account and decided to develop an offline mode.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a cooperative game in which players take on the role of members of a suicide squad who, after the Justice League is taken over by Brainiac, stand up to protect humanity from those whom humanity used to glorify.

The game will be released on February 2, 2024.