Den of Wolves is a robbery simulator from the authors of GTFO and PAYDAY

The Swedish studio 10 Chambers, the authors of the popular cooperative horror shooter GTFO, presented a new game, a cooperative heist simulator in the cyberpunk setting Den of Wolves.

Judging by the description, this session shooter will be almost a copy of PAYDAY with a touch of Syndicate, which is not surprising, since many 10 Chambers employees worked on PAYDAY: The Heist, PAYDAY 2, and Syndicate (2012). And why not, PAYDAY 3 seems to have failed completely, the game now has between 800 and 2000 players online, so as they say, the holy place is never empty.

The authors promise a techno-thriller atmosphere, unpredictable missions of industrial espionage, sabotage, and liquidation. However, they haven’t said when and on which platforms the game will be released. So far, Den of Wolves has its own official website (pay attention to the hidden hacking game) and Stream page.