Chrome on computers will get the “Help me write” feature

The “Help me write” feature, which writes full text based on a simple query, will be available in Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux, reports 9to5Google.

Google is currently working on building this feature into the PC browser, where users will have a separate autocomplete window where they can specify what text they need. Also, “Help me write” will be available via a right-click.

Interestingly, in addition to using the usual prompts, artificial intelligence will also analyze the page on which the user wants to write the text and the pages they have used before. According to the company, this can be disabled in the settings.

The feature was previously available in one form or another in Google Messages, Gmail, Docs, and Keep. Based on a simple request from a user, artificial intelligence created text that could then be edited with commands such as “shorten,” “expand,” “more formal,” “fun,” etc.

“Help me write” is expected to be available on PC browsers with Chrome update 122, which will be released in February 2024.