Fortnite will have an addition from LEGO

Fortnite and LEGO have decided to join forces to create a new LEGO Fortnite expansion described as a survival game. The companies do not openly state this, but hint that players will try to survive in the open world.

Lego Fortnite launches on December 7 and is the first major collaboration in the partnership between Epic Games and LEGO, which was announced last April. The companies aim to create a space in the metaverse that will be suitable for children and family leisure. The collaboration received a boost after Sony and Kirkbi, the investment group of the family of Kirk Christiansen, the founder of the LEGO Group, invested $2 billion in Epic.

In preparation for the LEGO family game, Epic Games has introduced age restrictions for Fortnite. This resulted in restrictions on certain in-game skins in games designed for younger players, and the upcoming Lego experience is rated E10+. However, some of these changes were later reversed, and more permanent innovations are expected in the Fortnite v28.00 update, which will be released today, December 3.