It will take years for the US to achieve independence in chip manufacturing – NVIDIA CEO

It may take the US another 20 years to get rid of its dependence on foreign supplies for chip production. This opinion was expressed by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang during the DealBook conference in New York, according to Bloomberg.

He noted that his company’s products depend on many components that come from different parts of the world, not just from Taiwan, where the most important elements are produced.

Separately, Jensen Huang confirmed NVIDIA’s commitment to China. The company is working on products for this market to comply with US export restrictions. Recently, they have been strengthened and apply to the supply of NVIDIA A800 and H800 chips. Washington believes that such steps are necessary to protect national security.

“We have to come up with new chips that comply with the regulation, and once we comply with the regulation, we’ll go back to China,” he said. “We try to do business with everybody we can. On the other hand, our national security matters. Our national competitiveness matters.”

Jensen Huang also warned against the unpredictable consequences of such rules. According to him, there are up to 50 companies in China that are currently working on technologies that can compete with NVIDIA’s offerings.