Amazon introduces Q chatbot for corporate clients, it will cost $20 per month Inc. has introduced a chatbot called Amazon Q. It is aimed at corporate clients and should help them search for information, write code, and view business metrics, writes Bloomberg.

Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing, said at the re:Invent event in Las Vegas that existing AI-based chatbots are “really extremely useful for consumers. But, in his opinion, they are not good at many things at work.

Q was partially trained on AWS’s internal code and documentation. It will be available to developers using the company’s cloud service. In addition, Q will be added to Amazon’s business intelligence service, as well as programs for call center workers and logistics managers.

The chatbot can be customized to take into account corporate data or an individual’s profile. Initially, Q will cost $20 per user per month.

Earlier, it was also reported that Amazon is investing millions of dollars in training an ambitious AI-based large language model (LLM), hoping that it will be able to compete with models from OpenAI and Alphabet. The model codenamed Olympus has 2 trillion parameters.