Children in the US want games and related things for Christmas most of all

The Entertainment Software Association shared a new study that surveyed 500 children and teens aged 10 to 17 about what they would like to receive for Christmas. The most popular answer was games or things related to them.

59% of girls and 86% of boys surveyed said they would ask their parents for gaming-related gifts. However, games themselves are not on the top of the list, with 39% of all respondents wanting game subscriptions. Next, 38% want consoles, 32% want game accessories such as gamepads, 29% want game currency, and only 22% want game disks.

ESA also conducted a survey of 500 adults, among whom 57% of parents plan to buy their children something related to gaming for Christmas.

Apart from games, the other most popular gift options are money or gift cards (70%), clothing or accessories (66%), and technology (62%). The number of those who would like to receive physical toys or board games is only 38%. Among other things, 32% of respondents would like tickets to concerts or other events, 28% would like art or handicrafts, and 26% would like books.