Amazon has introduced a new device for accessing the virtual desktop

Amazon has introduced the WorkSpaces Thin Client, a new device for accessing a virtual workspace based on the Fire TV Cube.

The new device was introduced in response to customer requests to replace PCs and laptops with cheaper hardware. WorkSpaces Thin Client costs only $195, while full-fledged computers cost companies from $600 to $1200 per unit.

“Customers told us they needed a lower-cost device, especially in high-turnover environments, like call centers or payment processing. We looked for options and found that the hardware we used for the Amazon Fire TV Cube provided all the resources customers needed to access their cloud-based virtual desktops. So, we built an entirely new software stack for that device, and since we didn’t have to design and build new hardware, we’re passing those savings along to customers,” said Melissa Stein, director of product for End User Charging at AWS.

According to the company, users will not see much difference between the new device and the Fire TV Cube, but instead of connecting it to a TV and sound system for entertainment, WorkSpaces Thin Client will allow you to connect monitors and all the peripherals you need to work.

The device will allow users to use cloud-based workspaces in services such as Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkSpaces Web, or Amazon AppStream.