Lenovo sues ASUS for patent infringement

On November 15, Lenovo filed a patent infringement lawsuit with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) against ASUSTeK Computer Inc. and ASUS Computer International. The company announced this in an official press release.

The lawsuit alleges infringement of various Lenovo patents related to software, hardware and connectivity in various ASUS products. This lawsuit is in response to ASUS’s lawsuit in the Munich Regional Court in August 2023 related to cellular technology, where Lenovo offered a cross-licensing agreement as a solution.

According to ArsTechnica, ASUS is accused of violating four patents:

  • Methods and equipment for transmission in resource blocks
  • Wireless Wake-On-LAN power management technique
  • Diagonal scrolling of the touchpad
  • Double shaft hinge with angular synchronization mechanism

As a result, Lenovo said it is demanding a restriction on imports of ASUS products that use these patents into the United States. The listed products include laptops, 2-in-1 laptops, tablets, desktops, routers, and others.