Inflection AI introduces the Inflection-2 language model, which is second only to GPT4 in terms of power

The technology company Inflection AI has presented a large language model Inflection-2. It is called the second most powerful in the world after OpenAI’s GPT4, writes Mspoweruser.

The new model was trained on a huge amount of data that required 5,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs to process. Inflection AI claims that Inflection-2 outperforms Google’s flagship PaLM 2 model in most standard AI performance tests.

Inflection-2 can be used to run real-time applications such as chatbots and virtual assistants. The model will form the basis of Pi, a new type of chatbot from Inflection AI.

By the way, Inflection AI was among the companies that made voluntary commitments to the White House this summer to protect users in AI issues. Their promises include investments in cybersecurity, research on discrimination, and the creation of a system for labeling AI-generated content.