Tesla knew about the malfunctioning of the autopilot system – Florida judge finds

A judge in Florida has found reasonable evidence that Tesla CEO Elon Musk and other company managers were aware of the malfunction of the autopilot system, but still allowed dangerous driving, writes Reuters.

The decision was made by Judge Reed Scott in the case of a fatal Tesla accident that occurred in 2019 north of Miami. Back then, the Model 3 of owner Steven Banner was hit by a truck trailer that drove onto the road.

According to the lawsuit filed by the wife of Stephen Banner, who died in the incident, the autopilot could not do anything to avoid the collision.

The judge has now found that Tesla “used a marketing strategy that portrayed the products as autonomous” and that Elon Musk’s public statements about the technology “had a significant impact on beliefs about the products’ capabilities.”

The current decision means that the plaintiff in this case will be able to claim damages from the automaker for intentional infringement and gross negligence.