The fourth generation iPhone SE will likely get the platform from the iPhone 14 – MacRumors

The last time Apple’s cheapest smartphone was updated was in March last year. Back then, the iPhone SE came out with an old design, repeating the appearance of the iPhone 8, with large bezels above and below the display, Touch ID, and so on. Even without information leaks about the next model, it would be safe to say that the smartphone will receive significant changes, but MacRumors still has insights on this matter.

Thus, according to the publication’s sources, the iPhone SE 4 (aka D59, or more dramatically, the Ghost project) will finally change its appearance, repeating the design of the much more modern iPhone 14.

Of course, this way the device will significantly increase the body and diagonal of the display, and the fingerprint sensor will be replaced by Face ID. However, the iPhone SE will still use only one main camera, which is why it will be minimally lighter than the iPhone 14. Additionally, this will make the model easy to distinguish from others. The body materials will remain unchanged – aluminum and glass.

The next iPhone SE should also receive two more updates from current models: USB-C instead of Lightning and an Action button instead of a notification mode switcher.

Given that only Pro models have an Action button so far, it’s unlikely that the “budget” iPhone SE will get one before the iPhone 16. And given the traditional SE update in the spring, we should expect such a model no earlier than 2025.  

MacRumors also emphasizes that such data relates to the current state of development, so the device may change by the time mass production is launched.