Foxconn, which manufactures iPhones for Apple, launches its first satellites into orbit

On November 11, another SpaceX mission launched the first two satellites of the Taiwanese company Foxconn, the world’s largest iPhone manufacturer for the tech giant Apple, into low Earth orbit, reports Bloomberg.

The satellites were developed jointly with the National Central University of Taiwan. Each object weighs about 9 kg and has cameras, communication devices and other instruments. The satellites are designed to operate at an altitude of 520 km, making a full revolution around the Earth in 96 minutes.

This launch is extremely important for the Taiwanese manufacturer as it diversifies its business and seeks to seize new opportunities. Foxconn wants to demonstrate that it has the technology to meet the growing demand for satellite communications.

According to Bloomberg, the company is betting that it will be able to produce satellites primarily for corporate and government agencies.

In 2019, Yang Liu took over as chairman of Foxconn’s board of directors. He was looking for ways to diversify the company’s activities, focusing on four areas: electric vehicles, medical equipment and robotics, artificial intelligence technologies, semiconductors, and communication satellites.