Google launches a new feature to simplify online shopping

Google has launched a new feature in its search engine that can help you find gifts and shopping items faster and easier.

By writing “shop deals”, users will see promotions and discounts in the best categories for holiday gifts, such as clothing, electronics, toys, cosmetics, etc.

You will also be able to use other search queries, such as “shop phone deals,” to get the best options for smartphones.

Also, when users open a new tab in Chrome, they will receive a prompt with discounts on the most recently viewed products and items.

In addition, on shopping sites, users will be able to click the new discount tag icon in the browser address bar to see available coupons.

Another useful feature will be a more detailed view of prices, which will offer an average price for a particular product across different stores, as well as show how the price has changed over the past 90 days.